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Making a "Pasta Pussy"

Share a masturbation Technique!

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Making a "Pasta Pussy"

Postby Tallbigd » Tue Jul 26, 2016 2:38 pm

Here is a great technique that feels like a warm wet pussy!

1. Cook (boil) some spring mac pasta. (I've only tried this with the spring mac kind of pasta but any pasta will work I'm sure). Boil it until the pasta is soft but not too soft. Drain the water and let the pasta cool down a little bit.
2 .After the pasta has cooled down a little bit, (you can rinse it with some warm water if it is too cool), Sprinkle some olive oil or regular cooking oil over the pasta and mix it around, making the pasta a little slippery with the oil.
3. Put the pasta in a medium sized ziploc baggie. Make sure there is enough pasta in the baggie so that the baggie is tight. Really stuff the baggie with the pasta, making the baggie tight. Close up the baggie.
4. Cut a very small slit at a smooth spot near the bottom on the baggie, less than an inch. (Your cock will stretch out the hole, but if you need to make the hole bigger then just cut more).
*Caution!....before you stick your cock in...test the temperature of the pasta first by sticking your finger in!
5. Put the baggie that is filled with pasta in between couch cushions. I recommend placing a towel underneath on the floor and maybe a towel in between the couch cushions first, just in case some pasta gets out of the hole.
6. Stick your cock in the hole in the baggie and feel the warm spring mac pasta! It will feel just like a warm juicy pussy!...even better in fact!

Reply with your experiences and let me know if you liked it! It can be a little messy once your start fucking it, since the hole in the baggie will eventually get bigger and some pasta will come out.
*Tip: if there is too much pasta in the baggie, then pasta will start coming out of the hole once you stick your cock in. If that happens, just unzip the baggie and take some pasta out.
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Re: Making a "Pasta Pussy"

Postby Tallbigd » Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:42 am

With 127 views one of you guys have had to try reply with how it went! How did it feel? Did it work out well? Share your experiences please :)
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Re: Making a "Pasta Pussy"

Postby SteelyDon » Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:34 am

Yes I've enjoyed fucking pasta from time to time. I usually only cook it very briefly to soften the hard edges while still leaving the structure firm to provide some resistance to your thrusting cock.

There's lot of other stuff you can stick your cock into!

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