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Naked with Tracy

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Naked with Tracy

Postby Husker22 » Tue Oct 07, 2014 3:37 am

I apologize for another long story, but I assume that people, like myself, would rather have details instead of a brief summary.

It's been a while since I've posted or even visited her but enough things have happened since I was here last I thought it was about time. I'm not sure how many of you read about my encounter with my friends mom, Tracy, in the story 'State Park Shower' but we had another run in... this one better than the last.

If you don't recall, Tracy is an avid outdoor enthusiast. Last time we spent the weekend fishing at a state park, this time took place after opening weekend for deer hunting last year. My family has several thousand acres we use for both farming, ranching, and hunting. We only open our ground to family friends and people we can trust, Tracy being one of the few who has first dibs. My family has known Tracy and her kids for years and her son and I are almost like brothers, best friends. I was even the best man in his wedding. I am about the only real hunter in my family, and Tracy in hers. Remember Tracy is divorced. Ever since the state park shower incident Tracy and I found ourselves hanging out more hunting and fishing, but nothing ever "occurred". Maybe because there wasn't a scenario that put us in a situation similar to the state park shower. I hadn't even seen her naked since the stat park. However, last year was different.

Tracy and I both went our separate ways on opening day. Both places, known only to a select few, that almost guarantee that buck each year. Throughout the year Tracy and started to purchase the equipment needed to process her own meat. We both get deer every year, so the processing fees can add up making it the clear choice to buy your own equipment. Knowing she had the equipment, she invited me over to help me process my dear once it was dressed. We loaded up both deer in the back of the farm truck and headed over to her place, about an hour away. She basically converted her garage into a butcher shop, a hunters dream practically. After both deer were processed and stored in the freezer, we sat down in the garage and had a few drinks, just casually talking. Wasn't a big deal because during most of the conversations, there was never any mention of anything remotely sexual, but that's when it all changed...

30 minutes go by, and out of the blue, after a few seconds of silence at the end of a conversation, she brought it up...the state park shower. That's when I turned beat red. Almost having forgot about the whole thing, except for on a few random late nights of course ;) I laughed and agreed that it was a good time, with Tracy replying "You know, that was the last time I've seen a mans hard cock." I honestly didn't know how to reply to that, so I just kind of laughed it off and shot back, "What do you mean? You haven't been laid since then?!" Smiling and laughing she said "Nope, only thing that has gotten me off since the divorce are these 2 fingers (holds up pointer and middle finger) and an 8" vibrator that quit a few months ago." "Well geez you're long overdue". "You're preaching to the choir!" By this time there was obvious bulge in my pants.

About that time her stood up and mentioned her drink was empty, and said she was going to get another one, and in the mean time I was told to strip down and go take a shower while she threw my clothes in the wash, making sure to leave my clothes in the laundry room. We had just finished a day of processing 2 large bucks, a shower was necessary. Aware of what was taking place, I happily obliged and stepped inside to the laundry room where I stripped completely down, walked through the kitchen where Tracy was making drinks, and on towards the guest bathroom.

I took about a 20 minute shower, jumped out, dried off, and wrapped a towel around my knowing full well my clothes would not be done for atleast another 30-45 minutes. Little did I know, Tracy had decided to take a shower as well. I sat down in the living room, towel still around my waist, drink in hand and started watching TV. A few minutes passed and Tracy walks by with just a towel on, that is just barely long enough to cover her big round ass. (for those that don't remember or don't know, Tracy is 50+ year old divorced mom. Long brown hair, attractive face, large breast, but slightly larger than average body.) Tracy walks by and heads into the laundry room, I assume to check on my clothes and comes back with a second towel to dry her hair with. She sits on the other end of the couch and we sit in silence watching tv. Clearly noticing that the position she is sitting in, her towel is about to come loose. She suddenly made the comment "Hey I spent all this money on a surround sound and people don't even use it! ugh." Before she finished her sentence she stood up and walked over the TV, bending over at the waist to grab the surround sound remote. And thats when it happened.... her towel hit the floor. Not a care in the world from Tracy, and I sure as hell didn't mind. She 'attempted' to catch it but with no luck. It hit the floor and I had a clear line of sight between her legs at her ass. The same view I had in the state park shower. Even though I was sitting down, it was obvious I was solid. She turned back around and in shock said 'well that didn't take long at all' I told her a towel doesn't do much to hide a hard cock. She smiled, handed me the remote and went to the kitchen completely naked. I couldn't help but stare.

She was in the kitchen making herself a drink when she asked if I needed anything, I got up hard as a rock and walked to the kitchen, staring at her naked body standing next to the counter. I need another beer grabbing one out of the fridge. She stared as I entered, "Damn, you could hang a towel on that thing!" Laughing I said, well lets find out. I proceeded to take my towel off and draped it over my cock, successfully holding up the towel. She told me that she didn't think I needed the towel anymore, grabbing the towel, and pulling it off my cock. My cock bouncing as it was released. She couldn't stop staring, and was now biting her lip. My hand instinctively went for my cock and did a quick 1,2 stroke. My Hand was now off my cock when she said there's no reason to stop, as she grabbed one of her breast. My hand went back to my cock and I started stroking slowly. "I don't want to make a mess in your kitchen, I just about hit you when I came in the shower remember?"

Dropping everything she's doing, Tracy walks around the kitchen island, grabs my cock and says we better take this to the shower then. Little did I know Tracy has a shower that's big enough for 4 people. In the shower with the hot water running, Tracy' staring down, hand once again wrapped around my cock begins to stroke it. I let out a sigh, she looks up and smiles. But....This is where the story is going to have to end. Much more took place within the shower that surpasses the line of 'masturbation'. I will say though, ever since that day Tracy and I have met up a few times, I'd say about once or twice a month. Luckily for me though, my friend, her son, lives 3 states away and isn't able to come home very often....I just hope he never finds out.
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Re: Naked with Tracy

Postby willeeum78 » Tue May 02, 2017 12:31 pm

So, what happened next?

I've read this and the other story a number of times. Very arousing.
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