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Accidental Nudity

A Potpourri of Masturbation

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Accidental Nudity

Postby Much2Fun » Sun May 07, 2017 5:40 am

I think that ever since when I was just a young guy and my sister had a slumber party her senior yr of high school I've gotten really horny at the thought of accidental naked parts. The first time as I was about 13 or so, my sisters friend tried to do a hand stand. She had nothing on and her shirt slipped showing her big boobs. Her friends laughed. Then they all realized I was in the room and they kept saying "He saw your Tits !!" I just walked away like it was no big deal.

An hour later I look up and the girl was standing there in front of me and told me "Show me your Dick ! NOW !!" I stood there for a second and then realized she was rather serious. She was wearing Pajamas. Suddenly she flipped up the top and there were her big boobs. She grabbed her boobs and then she looked at my crotch. She seen me getting a bulge. She again said, "Show me your Dick " I was now rather motivated LOL I unzipped and pulled it out. She said No, pull your pants down. I did and she squatted down as if to give me a blowjob.

She stood there looking at it and then she said "So, my brother is always beating off. I've caught him a couple of times. Do it for me and I will let you see my pussy all you want !! She said "You DO Jack off, right? Its ok, I know guys do it a hell of a lot !! Seriously, its ok ... I don't care but I just want to see what cum looks like. I did the.... No, I would never touch myself... thing.

Now, I figured what the hell. About 50 strokes later a big slurry of Jizz shot out with about a dozen other shots of cum to follow. She said "You look so relaxed. Do you do it a lot?" I said Yes. She said "Don't feel bad, girls do it too. I cum about 5 times each session; later explaining a session was coming home from her job, another after supper, another before bed and sometimes when she wakes up in the morning. She said weekends are full of boredom and seldom wears underwear just so she makes it convenient to finger herself.

Since then, I have seen bare asses, at least a half women peeing (and exposing assholes and hairy pussy), lots and lots of Boobs. I have seen so many nipples that they are almost like seeing elbows. They are just another part. I have had towels dropped, wedding brides made dresses fall down, drunk lady pussy, and also have seen a number of women I work with in a stage of either "Drunk an fallen" or "She keeps having trouble getting her pants up
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