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Who taught you how to masturbate?

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Re: Who taught you how to masturbate?

Postby dllfg4 » Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:30 am

I was about 12 and always had an erection. I usually wore sweat pants and rarely wore underwear, so it was quite obvious that I had the erections. One day, my aunt asked me if the erections went away on their own or if I took care of them. I had no idea what "take care of them" meant, so she explained the proper technique and the right way to clean up, just with words there was no contact. One thing she forgot to talk to me about was modesty. The new thing she taught me was fantastic. I was doing it every chance I got. I did not care if anyone saw me, after all I told everyone does it. After about a week of near constant masturbation, I jerked off on my older cousin and she went complaining to my aunt. My aunt then told me about when and where I should do it.
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Re: Who taught you how to masturbate?

Postby pilot3006 » Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:00 am

I was raised in Holland and although the 60's were wild, they were not in my region.
Anything sexual was not obtainable except for a magazine or two.
However, at that time a red book for pupils was available, discussing al aspects of life that early teens ar interested in.
So, here was, in text, a "how to" guide to masturbation M and F. Somehow I got hold of this booklet and read it cover to cover.
Getting to male masturbation, I tried what was described, and to my total surprise and bliss, it worked like a dream.
Never stopped doing it and enjoy it every single day.

Do not know where the book ended up.
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Re: Who taught you how to masturbate?

Postby WankAddict » Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:32 pm

Have masturbated since 13 when at a sleepover with 3 male friends. Watching a raunchy film (to us at the time) and someone was stroking themselves. I copied, didnt cum (wasnt very quick to mature) but still orgasmed. Was a strange feeling at the time but now do it twice a day...
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Re: Who taught you how to masturbate?

Postby cupcake40 » Fri Jan 08, 2010 10:56 pm

Self-taught all the way! :D
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Re: Who taught you how to masturbate?

Postby BillAnker » Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:58 pm

I discovered masturbation pretty early I guess, About 9 I started getting erections and my dick seemed to have a life of its own, and would grow hard for no known reason; I got this embarrassing bulge in my pants which I would try to hide by crossing my legs, pulling my school book over it, anything to cover it up. But there were really only two ways that worked, to arrange it so that it was straight up pointing at my belly button, or if I could catch it soon enough, to trap it between my legs down one leg of my shorts, but either way I needed to touch it, hold it, squeeze it and it felt good.

I did not realize it at the time, but my dick was big for my age, and when I had a hard-on, it must have been about six inches, which had it just about above the waist band of my shorts, or down near the end of the leg, if I had got it down there. Back in the privacy of my room I could give it some serious attention, and soon learnt that it responded to stroking and squeezing by rewarding me with feelings that I soon grew addicted to. In other words I had learnt how to wank, jerk off and cum, dry of course but that had a benefit in as much as I could bring myself off three or four times a night, each cum getting more and more intense.

My dick had grown with its regular exercise to just off eight inches, and I could play with it in class by touching it through my shirt above the waist of my pants. Then the turning point in my life arrived. My first real cum, I spurted four or five shots all over my stomach and chest, I did not know what had happened except that it was a great feeling, but my dick went soft and shrank, and it was too sensitive to stroke any more. But wow, I think I had died and gone to heaven. Now when I played with it, I had to allow for the cum to shoot out. I had a book in my bedroom that had been a favourite when I was younger, but now I used it to cum in the pages, so I could hide all the cum I was making two or three times a day. At school I could not bring myself off in class, but learnt to edge, stopping before I came, and holding tight to stop at the last moment. But one day I went too far and with my dick poking out the leg of my shorts, nearly down by my knee I came big time, and shot about four ropes of cum on the floor under my desk. I was caught! the girl in the next desk saw me and gasped, well it was more like a small scream I thought and the teacher asked her what was wrong. I knew I was dead, but Angie said that a wasp had flown in her face, and yes there was a wasp in the room, so she saved me from total disgrace. I looked over at Angie and whispered 'thanks' and she smiled at me and I was in love.

At break she asked me if I jerked off a lot, as she said her elder brother did it all the time and she had jerked him off when they were at home alone. She said she would do me if I wanted to and she thought my dick was much bigger than her fourteen year old brother's. We walked home together that afternoon and in a quiet corner of the park she took my eager dick in her hand and gave me my first hand job. It was way better than doing it myself and I got to finger her, and bring her off, she was so horny, I had no idea that girls got to cum like boys, but she told me that she could cum over and over, and each one got stronger until she would pass out and she did it every night. We got to hang out together all the time and she would stroke my dick at every opportunity, playing with it turned her on so that she would have it in her hand whilst her other hand was between her legs, rubbing her clit and pushing two fingers deep inside her with her juices running from her swollen vagina.

By now I was jerking off three or four times a day or being wanked by Angie and bringing her off and my dick had grown to over eight inches and I suspect that I had bit of a reputation, I got quite a bit of respect in the changing rooms, and one of my buddies came on to me when he saw I had a hard-on at swimming one day, he said man you have one hell of a big dick, can I see it? So I gave him a quick flash, he said can I touch it? I said you can jerk me off or suck on it, whatever you like, go for it.

He put his hand on my dick and gently stroked it just how I do it myself and I turned in to him and took his dick in my hand and pulled it towards me and started stroking him. He just shuddered and then came hard all over my legs, he must have shot ten or twelve ropes of cum and then so did I, the first shot went up over his chest and then soaked him all over his stomach and legs and then with our dicks together in our hands we rubbed against each other whilst the last pulses of our orgasms overcame us.

My dick has continued to grow with the exercise I give it and it is nine and a half inches by five round, my balls are about the size of a Florida grapefruit and when I cum, I shoot eight to eleven ropes of cum that cover my chest or Angie's tits and feel so good every time. I have been caught so many times I have lost count, but it seems that having an extra sized dick has got me off a lot of hassle. Even my teacher has given me a hand job when she could have got me thrown out of school for playing with Angie's pussy.

That's all for this story now.....
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Re: Who taught you how to masturbate?

Postby Cocknhand77 » Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:46 pm

I began touching myself early around 8yo. I fumbled around a few years not really knowing what I was doing. Thankfully I had an older buddy to guide me. He demonstrated to me proper technique. He even showed me the ultimate goal of masturbation as well. He opened my eyes to the joy and possibilities.
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Re: Who taught you how to masturbate?

Postby footage » Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:38 pm

self taught but that was mainly rubbing around my dick and my dick with pants on or underwear on or off a little later. I was around 6-10 about then.I watched a porno and a guy was doing it the correct way but you cant really say that was teaching me. It was just a different technique. I was about 12-15 at the time. I think the first porno I was was around 12-13 but the 15 one my have been that one that my dad thought was my first porno showing my brothers and I until we said otherwise. And being I had a mustache by 12 I was really horny so it was hard to keep myself from going sex artifact crazy lol.
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Re: Who taught you how to masturbate?

Postby Cock4knight » Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:49 am

It was the Wikipedia masturbating page. I was on a per streak and happened upon this. I went home and stroked till dry orgasm. Then that kickstarted the many masturbations to follow.
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